Robert Sivell was a member of the Royal Scottish Academy (of painters), and teacher of fine art. He specialized in portrait painting, which supplemented his income. He spent time working in Glasgow & Aberdeen, but made his family home in Galloway where he built a home & studio (The Hollow Stell) on the bank of the River Dee near the town of Kirkcudbright.
Portrait of Bob by Hamish Patterson
Guthrie Award Certificate
Robert Sivell
RSA Associate medal info side
Photo of the artist & his wife, taken at their home.
IBM medal back
Bust of Robert Sivell by fellow artist & friend Benno Schotz
IBM 1939 Gallery of Arts and Sciences Medal
Photo of the young artist at work
RSA Associate medal Paton art side
Bob in his full cap and gown of the Academy
IBM medal back
The artist outdoors
IBM 1939 Gallery of Arts and Sciences Medal
Robert Sivell RSA Academician Certificate 1943
RSA Associate medal info side
Robert Sivell posed in a relaxed outdoor setting: the Bohemian artist perhaps?
The Scottish Field article about Sivell Aberdeen Murals
Robert Sivell with Marion Patterson from the Aberdeen Journal